Homeless veteran makes strides in HVAF program

Michael at HVAF
Michael served in the Air Force from 1973-1975.  His father made the military into his career, so Michael decided to follow in his footsteps. “There wasn’t anything to do. [I was] in the middle of nowhere so I though it was a good option, “ he said.  In 1975, Michael started to struggle with depression but didn’t know why. He turned to the base hospital and went to counseling. Years had passed and Michael had moved from Arizona to Indiana. He got his bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and minored in Philanthropy from IUPUI. Michael says he could not find a job working as a telemarketer, when he tried to take his life. That’s when the VA referred him to HVAF. Through HVAF, he met his case manager, Jennifer. Jennifer cares about Michael and wants him to succeed. He respects her so much and considers her a friend. Michael lives at Manchester Apartments and is starting a new job.  “Things are looking up. I’m gonna get through this.”