Homeless veteran lands job with help from HVAF

Jared, a 31-year-old Army veteran, finds employment with help from HVAF. He came to HVAF in November 2016 in need of housing and recovery. Listen to his story here...

Near homeless veteran turns to law school for fresh start

Anthony, 53, served in the Navy from 1982-1983 on the USS Mount Baker. There is a long-standing family history of joining the military. His dad, brother and son have all been enlisted. One of the biggest joys of joining the Navy was visiting 15 countries. The military molded Anthony into the person he is today. He strives to reach a standard of excellence, discipline, and uniformity. Anthony was near homeless and was in need of assistance after he had taken in and supported his three grandchildren. HVAF helped him move into permanent housing, provided him a washer and dryer, and made sure his grandkids were provided for at Christmas. “HVAF lifted the weight and continue to care about me. They went well beyond what I ever imagined,” he said. Currently, Anthony is a law student at U of Indy and looks back at HVAF as the cornerstone of his current success.

Army veteran finds hope at HVAF through housing assistance

“Serving for your country is honorable,” said Mark, 54. He served in the Army from November 1985- May 1987. Mark, who is from Gary, Indiana, knew the economy was stagnant and felt like his best option was to go into the military. The military taught Mark life skills that made him able to support himself.  He came across HVAF when he learned of our services through the VA. He was unemployed for intermittent times in his life and worked odd jobs including warehouse work. Mark says HVAF provided him a roof over his head and a warm bed. He received meals and other living essentials at the Carson Apartments where he stayed for one year. HVAF also helped him qualify for the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program which allowed him to receive rental assistance as he transitioned out of supportive housing and into permanent housing. “HVAF’s housing program basically saved my life,” says Mark. Mark is a true success story. He tries to stay positive and takes one minute at a time each day.

Face-Off For the Forces, a philanthropic student-led group raises money for HVAF

Face-Off For the Forces raised $35,000 for HVAF through a lacrosse tournament held April 15 at Indiana University. The tournament brought together eight fraternities on campus.

Founded in 2014 and run by a team of philanthropic leaders within the Indiana University student body, their mission is to support and raise awareness for organizations that support veterans.

Aaron Hackett, VP of Operations of "Face-Off for the Forces" spearheaded the event. Aaron's brother was in the Air Force and his family wanted to give back to a veteran organization in Indianapolis. Aaron's family has also donated clothing and food to HVAF.

YMCA raises funds for HVAF

On your mark, get set, go! Pike YMCA “Heroes, Health, Hope 5K Race” benefiting veterans was held on November 12, 2016 at the Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. This family-friendly event was to bring awareness to veterans, and Pike YMCA chose HVAF as one of the organizations to sponsor. “There was very high energy that day,” Marvin said. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the race and the cause. There were 104 participants in which 23 were veterans. Pike YMCA fundraised $1,000 for HVAF.