Ex-offender finds new purpose through HVAF employment assistance

“I knew I was gonna join up and serve my country,” said Jeremy J. His grandfathers were both in the military, so he knew he was meant to serve. Jeremy joined the Army in 1993 and enjoyed the training and discipline the Army had to offer.  He attended Marion Military Institute in Alabama after his career ended in 1996.  Jeremy faced challenges such as alcoholism and drug abuse that eventually led to his incarceration at the Putnamville Correctional Facility. While serving time, he met James Miller, a HVAF peer mentor. Jeremy found a new beginning after serving his sentence time. Kiara Walker, a HVAF employment specialist, helped Jeremy during his time at HVAF. Jeremy explained that Kiara helped him create the best résumé and cover letter he ever had. “I am eternally grateful for this organization,” he said. She would also text daily and meet with him once a week to find job opportunities. Jeremy was never afraid of the stigma that came with being incarcerated and finding a job. He had a positive attitude and kept pressing forward. Jeremy now works at Central Indiana Hardware in Indianapolis.