New picnic tables installed at housing property

Employees at Rolls Royce of Indianapolis installed picnic tables for homeless veterans at HVAF. With its outdoor bench seating, veterans at HVAF’s Warman property have a comfortable place to convene when outside.

“Giving back and assisting was just a Christian thing to do,” says Kevin Bereman who along with thirteen of his colleagues rolled up their sleeves in an effort to give back. Kevin was introduced to the work we do by a colleague who had headed up other events to benefit HVAF. Volunteering is steeped in his family values. Kevin’s son spent 4 years in JROTC before joining the Army. After his wife passed, he has been there for his son in showing support and encouragement along with his two other children.

Rolls-Royce at HVAF
In order to provide the picnic tables to HVAF, Kevin’s department held a fundraising event to collect money. They discovered monies could go farther if they bought table kits and installed them instead of hiring someone to do the work. During the process of fundraising, they surpassed their monetary goal, and instead of buying and assembling picnic table kits, they upgraded to weather-proofing materials. Additionally, the group purchased boxes of cleaning supplies for each of the homes at Warman. Afterward, Rolls-Royce employees brought in pizza to share with the veterans to thank them for their service.

“It was a good bonding time to see their needs and we being blessed with abilities, seeing what more we can do to help,” adds Kevin.