For one homeless veteran, life’s ups begin to outweigh the downs

Kevin C. was on the brink of becoming chronically homeless. In April 2016, he came to HVAF for help. Born and raised on the near east side of Indianapolis, he joined the U.S. Army in 1979 at the age of 18, and he served for seven years in global security. 

After Kevin’s service, he took a job in Kentucky working in local parks and recreations. He ended up losing this job in 2001.
Kevin at HVAF property

That’s when he says his struggles with homelessness began.

When Kevin heard about the resources offered in Indianapolis for homeless veterans, he moved back home. He also had local support from family and friends. However, he felt like he placed a burden on family or friends. He sank into depression. In March 2016, Kevin slept near a dumpster and lit a candle for heat. He also slept in shelters and park benches.

During that period of homelessness, Kevin’s health began to suffer. He was no longer able to continue work. He developed blood clots in his leg and suffered from diabetic neuropathy in his feet.

In April 2016, he heard about HVAF and met with a Case Manager who provided him the stability he needed by providing a roof over his head.

“HVAF has provided me a roof over my head and they’ve given me the opportunity to have a semblance of a home that I can utilize and I was provided bus passes. Just having an address is a big step in my progress.”

Kevin is ready to move on to permanent housing and is waiting to hear from several landlords on availability.