Volunteer Spotlight

As far as volunteering goes, Vicki Prothero knows her stuff. After all, you don’t get to be a volunteer traveling overseas to perform missionary work without being somewhat of an expert on how to give back. Vicki has rekindled a passion for helping others that was influenced by a family who worked hard and served others. Her father s a Navy veteran and her mother served in the Marine Corps. Vicki’s brothers were both Army veterans.

Her relationship with HVAF began in November 2012 after meeting a veteran who relied on HVAF programs and services. With a personal connection, it didn’t take long for her and Church 52 in which is a member to hit that red “I want to help button” on HVAF’s website and sign up for the volunteer opportunity.

The volunteer work that Vicki and Church 52 have provided has helped the organization tremendously. Their help allows maintenance staff to focus on other areas of need in serving Central Indiana veterans.

Whether it’s interacting with veterans through the annual picnic at the Moreau property or brainstorming other ways to help such as hosting a resume writing and basic computer skills workshop for the veterans; she knows her work won’t end when the group paints the last apartment at Moreau.

“There is something deeply enriching to me about being engaged in my community with others who are thinking about how to make the world a better place on issues that are important to them and me," explains Vicki. “It also gives me a better understanding of the challenges facing veterans.”

In May, Church 52 plans to hold a B-B-Q at HVAF’s annual Recovery Day to show their appreciation for the veterans.