Efforts offer comfort at Christmastime

Even though Christmas has come and gone we would be remiss if we did not share with you the number of families impacted during the Christmas season.

When organizations contact HVAF directly about adopting families for Christmas, we make sure they are provided for. As a result of combined efforts in 2014, 79 families/individuals: 97 adults and 61 children = 158 total people!

Another way HVAF is able to assist even more families is through our partnership with the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI). The UWCI’s United Christmas Service program is two-fold: 1. money raised by UWCI is distributed in the form of vouchers to families and individuals who just need a little extra help around the holidays and 2. a donor group program which allows groups to sign-up to sponsor families in the form of providing wrapped presents. The donor program is aimed at families, small businesses, and corporations that want to help people that have the highest need at Christmastime and who may not be able to provide Christmas for their families otherwise. Through the United Christmas Service, 62 families/individuals were provided for, including 36 adults.