Homeless veteran in Indianapolis fights cancer

For Jeff, and hundreds like him, a roof over his head is the first step toward a better life.

The Bay City, MI native joined the Army in 1983 and served for 5 years. He later drifted through a slew of managerial jobs in Indianapolis and Michigan before things began to unravel.
Jeff at HVAF of Indiana
At a 2012 doctor’s appointment, medical staff told Jeff he had follicular lymphoma cancer. Mounting medical costs led to homelessness, and Jeff, living day to day, struggled to maintain a home and transportation to and from medical appointments.

"I'm just trying to get some stability," he says.

Jeff receives housing through HVAF, calling Manchester Apartments home. He also receives individual support from case manager Jennifer Smith, who has utilized the wide-range of assistance offered by HVAF to provide Jeff with food, clothing and hygiene items.

“My case manager has helped me tremendously,” says Jeff. “I’m very upfront and honest with her, and I have laughed with her and cried with her.”

When Jeff moves into his own apartment in July, HVAF will provide assistance by covering his administrative move-in fee. He’s also receiving legal support through HVAF's partnership with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic to help him sort through legal issues such as child support and speeding tickets. He has already set up monthly payments in order to get his license back. In turn, HVAF's Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program can then assist with car repairs.

Jeff has qualified for additional help through SSVF to secure permanent housing. Jeff also receives a HUDVASH voucher which is part of an affordable housing program in which the client pays roughly 20% of his/her income to be able to maintain permanent housing. 

SSVF also has provided Jeff with a utility deposit, security deposit, and a bus pass. Jeff will remain in SSVF for a short period of time to ensure that client transition into permanent housing is successful.