Gift of hope: food for veterans during toughest times

Linda (left) Bob Konieczny (middle) and R.B. (far right)
U.S. Marine Corps veteran Ron Collins, known to many as R.B., spent 3 years in the service, and continues to support his fellow veterans today.

He served with the 1st Marine Division, and was stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Twentynine Palms and Riverside, California.

R.B. is now retired and spends some of his time collecting food and monetary donations for HVAF veterans.

“I was able to get members of Beech Grove American Legion Post 276 behind this important cause of raising awareness and food for HVAF veterans,” says R.B.

So in 2003, he began by setting up a donation station at the post where he asked members to drop off nonperishable items.  Once the boxes got full, R.B. then brought them to HVAF to fill its pantry.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Twice a year R.B. and his friends Bob and Linda Konieczny, donate to HVAF roughly $2,000 worth of food through monetary donations from members of the post. R.B. then shops at stores like Save A Lot where he says the group can get the most items for their money.

“This is just a continuation of my military service,” says R.B. “My military career was taking care of others. This is an extension of that. These guys coming to HVAF, most of them just had a little hiccup in their lives and they are trying to get it back together… this goes a long way in helping them get back into the mainstream of life."

R.B. has made it a responsibility to continue helping through donating items to the food pantry. Thanks to the help of R.B. and friends we are able to can hunger for many veterans.