Calling all lawyers

HVAF of Indiana, Inc. is issuing a "Request For Good Ideas" (RFGI) in an effort to provide effective legal assistance to the homeless veterans we serve: literally every homeless veteran who has ever walked through our doors has had at least one legal issue that is an impediment to his success. HVAF’s initial goal is to engage the entire Indianapolis legal community in a structured discussion on the topic of legal services for homeless veterans. Ultimately, it is HVAF’s goal to create a model of legal services based upon two ideas: (1) that success is defined as ending the client’s homelessness and (2) that our efforts may create a model for the provision of legal services to our homeless neighbors who are not veterans.

So, how can you help? HVAF is now taking proposals for how to provide legal services to veterans. Written responses should be sent electronically to Dr. Charles Haenlein, HVAF president and CEO, at no later than Oct. 19, 2012. Questions can be directed to Dr. Haenlein.
A copy of the “Request for Good Ideas” is available at the link below.

Please open the "Request for Good Ideas" document on our website for more information.

Under HVAF’s vision, attorneys working with veterans would get to see the whole story. Bill Moreau, partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP and tireless advocate for the homeless, noted lawyers celebrate victory when they resolve the legal problem. But that is not the end of the story, and success at HVAF is not declared until the client’s homelessness ends.

View the Indiana Lawyer web story to learn more about how attorneys are helping homeless veterans.