HVAF of Indiana, Inc. Volunteer Spotlight

A longtime supporter of veterans' causes, Becky O'Conner dedicates much of her personal time to giving back.

"My father was a veteran and I have a lot of respect for his service to our country," says Becky.

Becky has been a member of Auxiliary Post 497 for 13 years. When she was elected auxiliary president her passion was in helping veterans. She searched for local organizations that did just that and found HVAF of Indiana, Inc. Then, Becky put a plan in place, with support of her members, and met with an HVAF staffer to see how they can contribute.

"We decided that we would adopt 2 veterans and their families for Christmas," says Becky. "We provided food and gifts for the veterans, both single father's, who could not afford a Christmas on their own. We also teamed up with Peggy Mcelfresh of St. Ann's Church. They provided clothing and toys for these families."

Becky and her group have adopted HVAF veteran families two years in a row and plan to do it again next year. She also helped spread awareness about HVAF by speaking in front of a number of organizations.

"It’s just a humbling experience," says Becky. "It just makes me feel good to know that HVAF is here to help veterans. It warms my heart because I have seen some of the hardships veterans can face after service."

Becky's interests in helping veterans continue to grow as she volunteers weekly. On Tuesday's and Thursday’s, Becky volunteers in HVAF's Outreach Center sorting and stocking donations that come in.

"We wouldn't have the freedoms that we have now if it wasn't for veterans," says Becky. "That's why I do what I do."

Whether it is adopting veteran families or volunteering in the Outreach Center, Becky's contributions have made a lasting impact on the community. For more information on volunteer opportunties visit